Act Now to Save Cutler Coastal Wetlands

400 More Houses on Coastal Wetlands OR Protection of Biscayne Bay And Everglades Restoration?

Exactly 3 years ago residents of Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay organized to stop over-development along Old Cutler. The hundreds of locals that wrote and attended meetings stopped development of this property at the county level. Now the same development application is before our state water board this Thursday in Key Biscayne.

Both the developer and the South Florida Water Management District are hoping our community has forgotten...

You can help preserve 122 ACRES and the last piece of green between Biscayne Bay and Old Cutler Road:

#1 - Email the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board members NOW.
Emails must be received by the board members before Wednesday!!! Letters must focus on environmental issues as this board makes decisions based only on environmental criteria. In a simple one or two line email, tell the board you expect them to:

* vote YES on Discussion Agenda #26, Resolution 2010-111.
* settle the lawsuit with Cutler Properties
* acquire 122 acres of coastal wetlands to enable Bay and Everglades restoration

Email: ebuermann@sfwmd.gov, jmontgom@sfwmd.gov, jcollins@sfwmd.gov, mcollins@sfwmd.gov, cdauray@sfwmd.gov, sestenoz@sfwmd.gov, kpowers@sfwmd.gov, prooney@sfwmd.gov

IMPORTANT: Please cc the clerk and OCS to make sure your email makes it into the record: jmcgorty@sfwmd.gov, oldcutlersouth@gmail.com

#2 - Attend the Governing Board meeting Thursday.
This is it. We need folks to show up at this meeting to let the State Water Board know that they have to represent Miami Dade, make decisions that protect our neighboring national parks and our local coastal resources. Miami Dade has been short a representative for years so your action at this time can make or break outcomes for these wetlands! Locals are taking off work and hope you will too. Luckily the meeting is here in Dade Co. at the Key Biscayne Village Chambers on 88 West McIntyre Street. The meeting starts at 9am but the item will likely be heard after lunch.

Questions? Review history of this development application on cutlerbay.net, livablecutler or contact Beth Kibler at oldcutlersouth@gmail.com/ 786-877-6489.
Please forward this information to your contacts to help get the word out!

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