Governing Board Votes Unanimously to Settle Lawsuit and Acquire Local Coastal Land for BBCW

Locals in West Palm, expecting no deal, a permit denial or yet another deferral, were shocked when yesterday after three years the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board, voted to accept a settlement that was in negotiation just minutes before. The board voted unanimously to settle with the property owner and acquire 122 acres for 24.5 million contingent upon paperwork satisfaction within the next month. This action represents a significant investment in Phase II of the Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands Project and a commitment to protect our neighboring national parks, local coastal resources, water supply and the economic viability of our area.

Every action large and small that Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay residents took to advocate for our area counted. It's just sinking in. No celebrations planned until the ink is dry. Updates to follow...

Beth Kibler, Old Cutler South
Palmetto Bay

Tom Condon
Cutler Bay

Dr. Amy Roda
Cutler Bay

Eduardo Varona
Cutler Bay

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