Community Meeting on January 6th.

The Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay will have a presentation on January 6th regarding the wetland property. After the presentation there will be a round table discussion about the ongoing project and the attempt to rezone the remaining 9 acres. The meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. at Cutler Ridge United Methodist Church, located at the corner of  Old Cutler Road and Marlin Road in Cutler Bay.


  1. So how did everything go at the meeting last night? What's the next action step?

  2. My sincere thanks to Livable for an interesting and informative presentation. The message was that conservation of pine rockland can be accomplished through grass roots action by the people of Cutler Bay, and that restoration works!

    In response to Mr. DaDaDa, I would suggest, as the council meeting deciding the fate of the proposed high density development has not yet been scheduled, the next action step is for all interested citizens to stay informed. Sign up for updates by sending an email to livablecutler. And, stand ready to demonstrate your opinion, both publically and at the hearings when scheduled.

    Again, thank you livablecutler.

    Steve Zarzecki, President
    Concerned Citizens of Cutler Bay