Development of 9 acres of uplands on Old Cutler Road adjacent to Cutler Bay Coastal Wetlands could move forward

  • FACT - the owner of the land has filed an application with the town of Cutler Bay to change zoning from the current low density residential to commercial use...anything from apartments to a strip mall
  • FACT - commercial zoning is not in keeping with the Cutler Bay Master Plan which identifies this land as conservation land and a potential future ecological park
  • FACT - a commercial development is not consistent with land use and zoning of all the surrounding properties
  • FACT - storm surge in Hurricane Andrew was 17 ft near this property, and the property is only from 5 to 10 ft. in elevation.
  • FACT - a change in zoning to commercial use will increase the value of the land and put it out of reach for future purchase for park land
  • QUESTION - How much more traffic and noise will this bring to already congested Old Cutler Rd.?
  • QUESTION - Will joggers and cyclists that use the bike path adjacent to Old Cutler be in peril? 
  • QUESTION - Is a commercial development up to four stories tall what Cutler Bay residents want at the NE entrance to their city near their peaceful neighborhoods?
  • QUESTION - Is it wise to build a commercial development on low land east of Old Cutler likely to be impacted by hurricane storm surge?
  • QUESTION - How will this high density development impact the adjacent coastal wetlands? 
  • FACT - It will be up to the Cutler Bay Council to vote and decide the zoning issue
    Please make your voices heard. Send emails and contact Cutler Bay staff and Council Members to let them know you are against rampant and unwise development in this corner of Cutler Bay.

    Peggy Bell, Mayor of Cutler Bay - pbell@cutlerbay-fl.gov
    Ernie Sochin, Vice Mayor of Cutler Bay - esochin@cutlerbay-fl.gov
    Roger Coriat, Council Member - rcoriat@cutlerbay-fl.gov
    Sue Ellen Loyzelle, Council Member - sloyzelle@cutlerbay-fl.gov
    Mary Ann Mixon, Council Member - mamixon@cutlerbay-fl.gov

    and copy the Town Clerk - townclerk@cutlerbay-fl.gov

    If you are a resident of Palmetto Bay this commercial development will impact you also, please contact the Cutler Bay officials above and copy those in your town below:

    Eugene Flinn, Mayor of Palmetto Bay - eflinn@palmettobay-fl.gov
    John Dubois, Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay - jdubois@palmettobay-fl.gov
    Karyn Cunningham, Council Member - kcunningham@palmettobay-fl.gov
    Tim Schaffer, Council Member - tschaffer@palmettobay-fl.gov
    Larissa Siegel Lara, Council Member - lsiegellara@palmettobay-fl.gov

    Please contact livablecutler@gmail.com to be placed on a mailing list for updates on this matter.


    1. I hope our green spaces are conserved but I don't mind if that particular piece of land is developed as long as it remains green eco friendly. It might alleviate the traffic and congestion that is being "funneled" to our town center.

    2. Excellent! Commercial use means more jobs and a positive impact to the economy. Cutler Bay needs to grow to continue to support future improvements.

    3. Cutler Bay has places to grow, but we need to grow "smart". Development at this location would just add to congestion on Old Cutler Rd.